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The good moments of life should be celebrated.


Welcoming family and friends and enjoying memorable live experiences altogether!


Whatever the reason, from a small party to a big corporate event, this experience should be unforgettable.


At 6Senses we perform with all the attention, making you one more guest at your party!

"The Aroma. The Vision. The sound of 5 harmoniously blended flavors in a range of surprising and personalized vegan options. An intuitive promise of balanced satisfaction".

6Senses & Me


By reading this presentation I believe you are curious about what's behind the concept 6Sentidos:


My name is Luís Narciso and I define myself as a lover of vegan cuisine in general, not only for ethical and environmental reasons, but also for health reasons that challenge us throughout life and the issues that I pose and question myself.

Since my first contact with Macrobiotics 20 years ago, I gained awareness, tools, practices, answers and a deeper knowledge of both the universal dynamics and myself and my role in this existence.


We are all different and with particular tastes and conditions.


Macrobiotics has awakened my senses that I now use not only in cooking but in my daily life. Now I watch, listen, touch, smell, and taste when I cook. I can even say that I see more...


By using my full senses I develop them, awakening the creativity and intuition about the act of cooking, of living every season, environment and nature's gifts and experiences where I am, so that spontaneously I carry a universal message.


I am sure that in proving any of my creations you will realize my passion about this. Close your eyes, imagine all the flavors you can get... and even more... which will exalt your own senses.

"Better than a friend only a friend with chocolate"

- Anonymous -

Our ingredients


Without sacrificing flavor and textures it is possible to enhance the natural flavors of foods using a selection of BIO ingredients of the highest quality thus respecting our body and the Environment.


Allow me to show you:

  • -Use of whole grains and flours (with and without gluten)

  • -Oils, oil-seed butters and non-hydrogenated cold-pressed vegetable fats

  • -Without saccharose, fructose, refined industrial sugars

  • -Use of fresh fruit, sweet vegetables

  • -Use of vegetable jellies (Agar agar, Sea Moss, Pectin, locust bean (Carob) gum)

  • -Superfoods

  • -Aromatherapy


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Or you can send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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